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22 September 2007 @ 10:17 pm
The Great Rikkai Camping Adventure: Or, he who finds the hole first, wins by reposoir
Niou, Yagyuu, NC-17,~19,484
Summary/Excerpt:    Yukimura led them, procession-like, past the wooden sign on the far end of the empty lot. The painted trails on the sign were faded and chipped and weren’t exactly clear, since the trail branched off almost immediately. Choice: follow the nicely paved right pathway into the bamboo brush chirping with birds, or, follow the left pathway into dense and overgrown forest that seemed to be more thorny shrubberies and vines and possibly bug- and snake- and god-knows-what-infested? Yukimura turned left, naturally.
RecNotes:  I love crack fics, especially when they're well written like this and not going too over the top with humor.  Plus her Yagyuu is a gem.

Corrective Measures by muzivitch
Yanagi, Kirihara, PG,~719
Summary/Excerpt: The English teacher had called in sick, so their homeroom teacher had covered, and since their homeroom teacher was nearly as hopeless at English as he was, they'd watched a movie. In English, sure, Kirihara thought, but you didn't need to understand much English to know what was going on in Speed. You didn't need much English to realize that Keanu Reeves couldn't act his way out of a paper bag either, Kirihara thought fifteen minutes in, but that didn't lessen the awesomeness one bit. Too bad it never happened on his bus; he might be able to stay awake for the trip to school if it did.
RecNotes: A nice little fic. I love Kirihara here, and his annoyance at know-it-all Yanagi is adorable.

Baby, it's fact bymelpants
Summary/Excerpt:  If there was one thing that Kirihara Akaya knew about women it was that they were evil and manipulative; at least, that’s what Niou-senpai told him that day he had come to practice with a big red mark across his cheek. Of course, he’d already known it was true; his own mother was the Queen of Manipulation. ‘Akaya, you can’t have dessert until you clean the dishes. Akaya, you won’t get your video games back until you finish your homework. Akaya, don’t put glue on the cat’s fur!’ Ok, so that last one didn’t really fit as an example… but he’d never had to deal with a girl his own age that was as scheming until he found himself face to face with Tachibana An, the (cute) younger sister of the Fudomine Tennis Team Captain, victim of Kirihara’s superior tennis skills.
RecNotes:  Kirihara is such a boy here, so bratty and still cute at the same time. 
18 September 2007 @ 06:34 pm
Identity by grumpychild
Kisarazu Atsushi, St. Rudolph Ensemble, G, ~2600 words.
Summary/Excerpt: Most of the team called him Atsushi-kun (if not Kisarazu-sempai), as if to remind themselves that they had to distinguish him from his brother. If they did use his surname, it didn't register as anything particularly startling, because when he was with the team, he knew where he was.
Rec Notes: Some interesting twin speculation and compare/contrast. My favorite bits were the Mizuki ones, because as ridiculous as Mizuki can be, he does have skills.

Learning to Counter by takewing
Echizen/Fuji, G, ~1200 words.
Summary/Excerpt: "Echizen," Fuji said one day after practice. He had noticed the younger boy's eyes on him as he had played a practice match against Taka-san. It was time to start the game. "How would you like to play a match? To finish the one that was interrupted."
Rec Notes: The opening really drew me in because that bit of Echizen's characterization rings true to me. I also liked Fuji's continued attempts to knock Echizen off balance.

Indivi/Duality by sesame_seed
Niou/Yagyuu, Not Rated, ~4400 words.
Summary/Excerpt: Later, when Niou leaned in and told him, "You're vicious," he hadn't bothered to deny the term, because Niou's eyes were lean and mean and impossible to fool.
Rec Notes: I'm always interested in Yagyuu's point-of-view, and this is a nicely chilly one. This story is also somewhat old but it's definitely one of the classics for this pairing.

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08 September 2007 @ 07:35 pm
Blink of the Eyes by haruyuki
Yanagi Renji, Inui Sadaharu, Not Rated, ~820 words.
Summary/Excerpt: You look at him standing there – in sharp, clashing colors, with a minor windstorm of construction paper and ribbon at his feet – and feel a pang of something that you doubt either of you could strip down to its analytical components. It is a little like envy, a little like unfairness.
Rec Notes: The ending pretty much makes this story. There's a lot of nice imagery and metaphor and I think has a good insight into Renji's thinking.

Grounding by ayatsujik
Kikumaru/Oishi, Not Rated, ~3500 words.
Summary/Excerpt: He's carrying stacks of notes home everyday, stuffed haphazardly in his bag, in his books. Half of them are in Fuji's handwriting, in thick carbon-dusted copy, and the other half are in Ooishi’s. They mesh uncomfortably in his file, cluttered here and there with Kikumaru's more careless pen, in whatever colour was handy.
Rec Notes: I like this for Kikumaru's characterization, one that isn't just jumping and hoi-ing. I really feel for him and his frustration in this story.

Traditionals by dusted_sunlight
Gakuto/Oshitari, Not Rated, ~480 words.
Summary/Excerpt: Yuushi likes girls with black hair; so black it's almost blue, pretty like in his romance novels. You've read them over his shoulder.
Rec Notes: The visuals in this are very lovely; I can almost imagine being at the festival myself, with the colors and fireworks.

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07 September 2007 @ 12:15 am

Happiness by orpheneritus
Kabaji/Atobe, R, ~2,394
Summary/Excerpt:  This job is his job. Watching out for Atobe, making sure he eats enough vegetables, not allowing him to wallow or mope, it has always been his job. From the day they met.
Rec Notes:  Kabaji is so well written in this fic!  orpheneritus has given him such a nice, well fleshed out character, which is a refreshing change from the dumbed down Kabaji that we usually get.  The dynamics between him and Atobe is amazing in this fic.

Growing Pains by potter
Atobe/Shishido,  PG-13,~4,518
Summary/Excerpt:  They're both silent, just glaring at each other in their seats. Atobe kicks Shishido under the table, but Shishido is growing up and he doesn't tell on him. He bides his time, waits until Atobe's mother leaves to greet Atobe's father, then kicks Atobe's shin so hard he squeaks.
RecNotes:  I'm a sucker for wee PoT boys fics, so I enjoyed this fic very much.  I particularly liked Atobe's conversation with his father, and the fun interaction between the two boys.

Stack the Deck by axtar
Rikkai ensemble, G, ~2,331
Summary/Excerpt:  Yukimura Seiichi does not waste his time when he enters Rikkaidai Fuzoku as a first year. He listens as his classmates talk amongst themselves, of the different activities they plan to participate in, the variety of clubs Rikkai offers. Several boast of older siblings having been in the soccer club and reaching the Nationals, but it is the mention of tennis that has everyone pausing in hushed awe.
Rec Notes:  Gen fic.  A wonderful look at Rikkai with beautiful characterizations  and great writing.

04 September 2007 @ 07:16 pm
50 Things Buchou Doesn't Know by rabid_dangirl
An/Kamio, G to PG-13, ~2100 words.
Summary/Excerpt: Going over what he wanted to say in his mind, Kamio dialed the number An had written on a crumpled scrap of notebook paper; however, when she picked up on the first ring, his carefully planned-out speech came out as “streetcourtstomorrowfourbye!”
Rec Notes: This is a 50 sentences story and so many of the sentences work very well as little tiny fics. Kamio is ridiculously cute in this as well and completely owned by An, but in a good way.

Simplicity by quixotic_sense
Echizen/Momoshiro, G, ~500 words.
Summary/Excerpt: Momo-sempai is as straightforward as laughter should be -- as his laugh is. Ryoma thinks at first that he would be Momo-sempai's rival (in Momo-sempai's dreams, of course), but that position has already been filled by Kaidoh-sempai. It is Tezuka-buchou who becomes the paradigm Ryoma fights to surpass, not Momo-sempai.
Rec Notes: This is more friendshippy than a true pairing story. Echizen's thoughts about Momoshiro and what Echizen wants/likes in life are interesting to read. Echizen is very comfortable with Momo in this story and I like that.

Life on Tatooine by reddwarfer
Marui/Niou, PG-13, ~1700 words.
Summary/Excerpt: "You mean this gum?" Niou asked. He was smirking slightly, waiting for Marui to look at him. Once he turned, Niou made a show of unwrapping the remaining two pieces.

"Give them back, you ass," Marui said with a frown, holding out his hand expectantly.
Rec Notes: Niou's is such a bastard in this, I love it. There's a lot of little touches too that are great, too; Niou and Yagyuu's conversations about Marui particularly make me grin.

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01 September 2007 @ 10:05 am

Hi guys!  I'm the new co-reccer, 0rien.  I absolutely love long fics, and tend to read pretty much anything, but I'm particularly fond of the Silver Pair, Rikkai, the more unusual pairings, and pretty much anything that involves Mizuki!  I hope to bring you a nice, diverse bunch of recs, and here's my first batch. 

By Any Other Name by miko_no_da
Part 1  :  Part 2
Ohtori/Shishido, NC-17, ~16,205
Summary/Excerpt:  He froze when he saw his former partner holding a picture. This one wasn't framed; without even looking at it, Shouichi knew instantly which one it was. Shishido had found his stash of the few mementos he had of his past life, and there was only one picture that would have put that particular combination of shock, anger, and pain onto the older man's face. The shot that had been taken of the two of them when they'd won the final round of the district tournament, beating out every other doubles pair they'd played and helping to send Hyoutei on to the Regionals.
Rec Notes:  I love long, plotty fics, and this one really delivered.  It's a very interesting AU where Choutarou is forced to leave behind his life in Tokyo after the safety of his family is threatened by someone that his father (who is a lawyer) was working against.  

Family Matters by slinkiestumble
Akutsu, Dan, PG, ~725
Summary/Excerpt:  A lot of things suddenly made sense to Akutsu, when he met Dan Taichi's mother for the first time. He had expected someone small, skinny, with a wrinkly, but cheery face, big brown eyes that never blinked, and a stupid grin that could've choked a teddy bear, it would be so damn sweet… and, well, Akutsu rather figured Taichi took after his mother, you know, because wasn't that how things went, with obnoxiously soft boys and shit? Momma's boys and what not?
Rec Notes:  This was a very fun look at Dan's family through Akutsu's eyes and was a nice Gen piece. 

Song of the Bamboo Forest by Anonymous
Sanada/Yukimura, NC-17, ~10,431
Summary/Excerpt:  Sanada disliked this place.  The stench of the back streets seemed to cling to him in layers of oil, dirt and exhaust fumes. So much for "Pearl of the Orient" – Hong Kong was more like the anus. Sanada thought walking through the back streets of Mong Kok was like walking through the sewers.
Rec Notes:  This is exactly how an AU fic should be; the setting may have changed, but the characters still manage to remain true to themselves.  Plus, Yakuza!Rikkai!  This was a brilliant fic, very engrossing and very well-written.

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30 August 2007 @ 07:12 pm
Haste by riverbanks
Echizen Ryoma, Kikumaru Eiji, Not Rated, ~1020 words.
Summary/Excerpt: Every couple of weeks, Echizen is attacked by the pre-exams panic squad, consisting of his classmates, kids from other classrooms, kids from upper classes, and sometimes people who don't actually attend Seigaku but happen to be hanging around.
Rec Notes: Some really nice speculation by Echizen about Kikumaru. I can imagine Kikumaru would be one hard person to say no to.

Other Half of a Pair by ai_ling
Akazawa/Kaneda, Not Rated, ~2700 words
Summary/Excerpt: Later, on the way back, Kaneda learned about Akazawa's dream to be one of the best singles players in the nations, and perhaps, if he did become team captain, to lead St. Rudolph to a victory at Regionals, perhaps even Nationals. Akazawa had grinned at the freshman. "After all, why stop at Regionals?"
Rec Notes: I really liked getting a look inside of Kaneda's head and how he so very much wants to be a strong doubles partner for Akazawa is sweet. I also enjoyed the little glimpses of the rest of the St. Rudolph team.

The Proposition by maxine_chan
Atobe/Oshitari, PG, ~4000 words.
Summary/Excerpt: "I just think it's weird," Oshitari said slowly, eying Atobe steadily, "that for someone who has so many girls fawning over him, you've been on so few dates."
Rec Notes: I admit to completely loving the interaction between Oshitari and Atobe in this. The inclusion of Shishido just makes it all that much better.

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18 June 2007 @ 07:27 pm
Conservation of Momentum by absenceofmind
Ohtori/Shishido, PG-13, ~2600 words.
Summary/Excerpt: Conservation of momentum was his favorite, because he wasn't top at physics but Kantoku had explained it in a way that was intuitive: You get out what you put in. "The weight of the ball stays the same, so the power of the hit will determine the speed. All the energy has to go somewhere," he'd said. "You want it to go where you can return it, and add some back."
Rec Notes: I'm a sucker for a metaphor, I don't deny it. The confession scene in this is a little clumsy but still sweet.

Courting Disaster by kleos_fic
Rikkai Ensemble, Not Rated, ~1000 words.
Summary/Excerpt: Yukimura had not called it babysitting, not exactly. What he had done was make it very clear that it would be the best interest for the team if certain members did not find themselves in school probation during spring practices.
Rec Notes: D2 and D1 pretty much stole the show in this story, although the Sanada and Kirihara scenario made me giggle too.

It’s a Date by illuminations
Fuji/Kawamura, PG, ~3000 words.
Summary/Excerpt: "You'll go with me, won't you?" Fuji rested his chin on his hand. He continued when Kawamura's expression doesn't change. "To the art museum."
Rec Notes: I really liked the little fable included in this and bits of Inui that pop up. Fuji talking about Kawamura's passion makes me happy also.

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16 June 2007 @ 08:26 pm
Kyuushuu Days by trinityhelix
Tachibana Kippei, Chitose Senri, Not Rated, ~970 words.
Summary/Excerpt: He was waiting for a reaction, a look, a /spark/ maybe, of the Tachibana he'd once known. But the Tachibana now simply ignored him and stared straight ahead, his lips turned down at the corners, a subtle frown marring the bindhi on his forehead.
Rec Notes: I really like Tachibana in this and it's also got a nice dash of rivalry.

An Element to a Set Part 01 | Part 02 by marksykins
Inui/Kaidoh, R, ~14000 words.
Summary/Excerpt: "I did not," Kaidoh hissed. "Inui-senpai has to concentrate on his studies now and I don't want to bother him. Shut up about things you don't know." Kaidoh walked faster, putting some distance between himself and the other two. He could almost feel them exchanging looks behind his head.
Rec Notes: There are so many cameos and little touches that are great in this, but the Inui and Kaidoh are simply fantastic.

Rain by theotheralissa
Kawamura/Momoshiro, NC-17, ~940 words.
Summary/Excerpt: But now it was raining and Kawamura was standing in front of him, entirely unaware of the way the white fabric of his top was clinging to his skin, sinking into every curve and sharp line of his torso.
Rec Notes: There are dialogue punctuation mistakes, but the writing is strong enough that I don't mind. I like how take-charge Momo is and how it ends is just so natural.

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14 June 2007 @ 07:54 pm
Loose Ends by evaporate
Fuji Shuusuke, Saeki Kojirou, Not Rated, ~1700 words.
Summary/Excerpt: "And that's a whale," Fuji said calmly, obviously ignoring the fact that whales did not live in lakes, at least not in normal lakes, and this, as far as Saeki knew, was a damned normal lake. Except for the whale.
Rec Notes: A strange little story but I very much like the Fuji and Saeki conversations, particularly the bit about Fuji having been moved to Seigaku.

Kiss Me Like You Hate Me by dusted_sunlight
Gakuto/Shishido, Jiroh Akutagawa, Not Rated, ~1400 words.
Summary/Excerpt: "You're delusional. The only reason Ohtori's still partners with the likes of you is because he's too polite to say anything. You're the weak link. You always were." Sharp words, hateful words, fired in a semi-petulant tone that seemed to belittle the words themselves. Gakuto had never been in the habit of thinking before he spoke, and even as Jirou was blinking the warm fuzz of sleep from his eyes he could see the ragged edge to Gakuto's smirk, the curve of his lips bitter, bitter.
Rec Notes: Fight, fight! I really enjoy the descriptive language of this story and how neither Gakuto nor Shishido will back down.

Risk Assessment by jain
Sanada/Yukimura, R, ~2400 words.
Summary/Excerpt: The train swayed as it rushed through the tunnel. Sanada placed one hand against the wall to brace himself, but there was barely any space between Yukimura and the woman next to him, and his hand brushed against Yukimura's waist. "Sorry," he muttered, and started to shift away again, but Yukimura shook his head.
Rec Notes: I think I like the Rikkai interaction the best, although I also like how quietly the pair is written here.

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